Apple of My Eye (the first iPhone 4 film) The first film entirely shot and edited on the iPhone 4.

When a model train evokes memories of an old man’s childhood, he remembers a story within himself long sense forgotten.

Format: HD video – shot and edited on the iPhone 4.

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Directed by Michael Koerbel
Written by Anna Elizabeth James and Michael Koerbel
Executive Produced by Anna Elizabeth James
Produced by Eric Edmonds and Rebekah Koerbel
Photographed by Michael Koerbel
Edited by Anna Elizabeth James
Production Design by Leigh Koerbel
Original Score Composed and Conducted by Corey Wallace

Starring Greta Charness and Timothy Guest

Special thanks to
Allied Model Trains, Culver City, CA
Birns & Sawyer, Burbank, CA
Michael Rogers
Greta’s Parents


In loving memory of Leigh Koerbel
February 28, 1950 – September 27, 2010


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